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Welcome to Doonji.com, the following are the terms and conditions that govern your use of and access to the Doonji.com web pages. Your use of Doonji.com is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement which includes all the details below and is an affirmation of your commitment to comply with the content of this Doonji Agreement, hereinafter referred to as "We", which is also referred to as "Doonji.com." The agreement is valid if you accept the consent option

 Your account and registration obligations

Once you apply for membership in the site you will be required to disclose specific information and choose a secret username and password to use when entering the site. Upon acceptance of the application, you will be considered a member of the site

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password, identifying the persons allowed to access and using your account on the site. You hereby agree to immediately notify Doonji.com of any unauthorized use of your login or account or any other breach of your confidential information.

In no event shall Doonji.com be liable for any loss you may incur directly or indirectly, morally or physically, as a result of disclosure of your username or password

You are responsible for maintaining the use of Doonji.com in all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to indemnify Doonji.com for any direct or indirect losses that may be caused to Badungi.com as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of your account by you or anyone else Obtain the keys to access your account, whether for services and others, using your username and password, either on your own or without authorization.

 The responsibility of Doonji.com

Doonji.com takes (physical, regulatory, and technological) standards to protect against unauthorized access and preservation of your personal identity information. Knowing that the Internet is not a safe way, your confidential personal information can not be guaranteed 100%

Doonji.com will provide you with your contact information, "mobile and e-mail to the second party.

Doonji.com has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other web pages linked to this site, or third parties claiming to represent you or represent others. You acknowledge and agree that Doonji.com may use your information to provide services to you at Donje.com, to send marketing messages to you, and that the confidentiality agreement on this Site governs the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personally identifiable information.

 Defining the responsibilities

As permitted by law, Doonji.com, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and processors will not be liable for any direct loss or damage arising from your use of the Site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of the contents of its materials, the solution is not to continue using it, moreover you agree that any unauthorized use of the site and its services, because of your negligence will cause harm to Bedungi.com, and then will have to resort to the terms and conditions User Agreement.


You agree to the security of Doonji.com and its directors, employees, agents and agents, and to protect them from any damage they may suffer due to claims, losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses arising out of your breach of the User Agreement or your breach of any law or amendments or infringement of third party rights.

 Relationship and notifications

You do not have the power to bind Doonji.com in any way, and any notices you wish to send to Dongy.com should be sent by e-mail, provided by Doonji. Com to reply to the email. You acknowledge and agree that any notices sent to you by Doonji.com will be posted on the Site or by the e-mail you provided to us during the registration process, which you are supposed to have received after 72 hours of dispatch. We can send you a standard mail notification at the address you provided and assume that it arrives after 7 days of dispatch.

 Transfer of rights and obligations

You hereby grant Doonji.com the right to transfer all or part of its rights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities to third parties working with it, without the need to return to you, in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement, and Dongy.com is committed to notify you of such transfers, You may not transfer your benefits, rights and obligations to third parties without prior written permission from Doonji.com, as per the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.

 general information

If any provision of this User Agreement is invalid or void or for any reason no longer applicable, such paragraph shall not invalidate the rest of the provisions of the Agreement. This Agreement (which is amended from time to time as per its terms) sets out all the outlines of understanding and agreement between you and Doonji.com with regard to the following:

- No person who is not a party to this User Agreement shall have the right to impose any terms or conditions therein.

- If the user agreement is translated into any language other than Arabic, whether on the site or in other ways, the Arabic text remains the dominant one.

 Law and legislation

This User Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt and is fully and fully subject to the legislation in force in the Egyptian courts. This paragraph is an alternative to be used if this User Agreement is terminated or terminated for any reason.




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